Doug Peters Is Featured Speaker At National And State Seminars In 2021 And 2022 On Child Molestation Defense

Doug Peters was invited to Las Vegas in November 2021 to address the 2021 Conference of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Peters’ presentation was entitled:

“Cross Examination of the Alleged Child Victim:
From the Law, To Reality, To the Courtroom”

Doug Peters speaks at national criminal defense seminarOf his presentation Peters said: “Many lawyers are intimidated at the prospect of cross examining a child about what has allegedly been done to them sexually. The cross examination should be conducted in a careful, gentle, and selective manner; however, the cross examination must establish truthful facts consistent with the client’s innocence. I shared case studies of cross examinations I’ve conducted of alleged victims from 4 years old to 16 years old, where juries found my clients innocent.”

Peters also organized and hosted the “2022 Defense of the Child Molestation Case in Georgia With or Without Experts” Seminar. His Seminar was held at the State Bar Headquarters in March, 2022 in Atlanta, streamed live to State Bar locations in Savannah, GA and Tifton, GA., and is now available through the “OnDemand” platform of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The first of its kind, Peters’ Seminar emphasized the role of the Public Defender or the Appointed Lawyer and their challenges in defending citizens falsely accused of Child Molestation with limited resources. All attendees received Peters’ 2022 Update of his manual “Defense of the Child Molestation Case in Georgia.” Doug also provided analysis and commentary on subjects presented throughout the two-day seminar and concluded the seminar with his presentation entitled:

“Architecture of the Acquittal”

The enthusiastic and positive response from the lawyers in attendance was overwhelming. Said one attendee: “This is probably the best Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers CLE I have been to. This was a deep dive into each topic…handled well in the allotted time.”

child molestation defense seminar audience