Online Sexual Offenses

Atlanta Internet Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

Our Proven Record

The lawyers of Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges have established a record of repeated, successful defenses of people wrongfully accused of committing online sexual offenses. The cases are treated differently than any other case, federally and statewide. The issues are highly specialized and often require expert legal knowledge of the psychology of the Internet and the workings of computer communications, data storage, and data retrieval. We have been on the forefront of using science and technology to understand and explain the true nature of our clients’ intent or lack thereof. We provide pro-active representation and work tirelessly with the most-respected and skilled minds in the field of online sexual behavior, Internet psychology, and computer forensics.

Our Understanding of False Allegations

The Internet is a new frontier and online sexual behavior is markedly different from offline sexual behavior. The arrest and allegations of online sexual offenses are devastating and carry life-altering consequences. Many people lose the trust of their support groups, families, and employers. When coupled with the possibility of serving 20 plus years in prison and a lifetime on the Sex Offender Registry, online sexual offense charges can be debilitating. The lawyers at Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges bring to the defense of these cases a belief in our clients’ professed innocence and meticulous attention to detail and passionate advocacy. We are committed to working tirelessly to understand the client’s assessment of their online interaction, the facts that support their belief that their actions were lawful, and how their conduct (or lack of conduct) has led to false charges.