Child Sexual Molestation

Our Proven Record

For years, individuals who have been accused of child molestation in Georgia have turned to the authority, experience, determination, and proven record of Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges. The defense of child molestation charges is a very specialized area of the law. Simply being arrested and accused can carry devastating consequences for a client. We provide pro active representation to ensure that every possible avenue is aggressively and thoroughly pursued to stop arrest, avoid indictment, resolve charges to the client’s satisfaction, and prevent incarceration or required registration on the Georgia Sex Offender Registry. Only if the foregoing possibilities cannot be accomplished will a client’s case go to trial. If a trial ensues, we defend our client with meticulous preparation and passionate persuasion in the courtroom using the most skilled investigators and trusted, highly acclaimed experts.

Our Understanding of False Allegations

False allegations made by a child must be defended vigorously with a complete understanding of multiple disciplines. We have defended many cases where we have convinced police officers, detectives, DFACS workers, district attorneys, judges, and when necessary trial juries, that a child’s claim of molestation is not credible. Domestic disputes involving divorce, child custody, visitation rights, alimony, child support, and/or division of property are often at the heart of false allegations of sexual molestation. Some children with developmental, behavioral, and/or disciplinary issues falsely accuse individuals of molestation. Improper training and inadequate experience of police, investigators, therapists, and even medical personnel can fail to reveal when a child has made a false accusation; in some cases, a lack of training and/or experience can actually create the false accusation. Our firm understands and has extensive experience with these issues. Our clients include teenagers, corporate executives, teachers, attorneys, doctors, grandparents, coaches, and politicians. Each case and client is different, but our commitment to protecting our clients’ constitutional rights remains the same.