Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma

Our Proven Record

The lawyers of Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges have established a record of repeated, successful defenses of individuals wrongfully accused of child abuse and/or homicide under the alleged Shaken Baby Syndrome as well as allegations of abusive head trauma. Being arrested and accused alone can carry devastating consequences for a client. We provide pro active representation to ensure that every possible avenue is aggressively and thoroughly pursued to stop arrest, avoid indictment, and prevent incarceration. Only if all these possibilities cannot be accomplished will a client’s case go to trial. If a trial ensues, we defend each client with meticulous preparation and passionate persuasion in the courtroom using the most skilled investigators and trusted, highly acclaimed experts.

Our Understanding of False Charges

False charges that a client has “shaken” or abused a baby must be defended against vigorously with a thorough understanding of numerous medical disciplines. We understand and have extensive experience with these issues. Caregivers alone with children who become ill or accidentally injured can easily become suspects of intentionally harming or causing the death of a child by allegedly “shaking” them. A medical finding of subdural hematomas (bleeding on the brain) and/or retinal hemorrhages (bleeding in the eyes), even when coupled with a truthful and innocent explanation by the caregiver, can result in prosecution under the Shaken Baby Syndrome or a charge of intentionally afflicting trauma to a child’s head. We have defended many cases where we convinced police officers, detectives, DFACS workers, district attorneys, judges, and when necessary trial juries, that our clients did not shake or abuse a child. In proving our clients have been falsely accused of shaking or abusing a child, we have successfully turned to forensic pathologists, neurosurgeons, pediatric neuro radiologists, geneticists, hematologists, oncologists, ophthalmologists, neurologists, pediatricians, and biomedical engineers. Our clients have included babysitters, in-home daycare providers, mothers, and fathers. Each case and each client is different, but our commitment to protecting our clients’ guaranteed constitutional rights remains the same.