Criminal Jury Trials

Peters, Rubin, Sheffield & Hodges brings a combined 60 years of experience to the table as former prosecutors, judges, and public defenders. Our firm practices exclusively criminal defense law. We are trial and appellate lawyers and practice in both state and federal courts with thorough knowledge of the law, compassion for our clients, and superior advocacy in the courtroom. We have a proven record affirmed by the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Trend Magazine, practicing attorneys, and sitting judges throughout Georgia. Each client can expect thorough investigation, analysis by the most reputable and highly acclaimed experts, and passionate persuasion in the courtroom. Our clients include teenagers, senior citizens, law enforcement officers, corporate executives, attorneys, doctors, politicians, and judges. Each case is different, but our commitment to protecting each client’s constitutional rights remains the same.

We have established a record of repeated and successful defenses of individuals accused of the most serious crimes. The numerous dismissals and not guilty verdicts we have obtained at the trial level are matters of record. Being arrested and accused can carry devastating consequences for a client. We provide pro active representation to aggressively and thoroughly pursue every avenue to stop arrest, avoid indictment, and prevent incarceration. Only if the foregoing possibilities cannot be accomplished will a client’s case go to trial. If a trial ensues, we defend our clients with meticulous preparation and passionate persuasion in the courtroom using the most skilled investigators and trusted, highly acclaimed experts.