Rubin Defeats Medical Board and Saves Doctor’s License

After a two-day hearing before an administrative law judge, Bob Rubin’s client, a surgeon was exonerated. The surgeon was accused of failing to meet the standard of care for eight patients on whom he performed surgery. The Medical Board’s expert opined that the surgeon failed to adequately assess blood loss during and after surgery in those cases. The case took two years to get to a hearing, but once trial began, Rubin put up two experts in the field who had reviewed the surgeon’s records. One expert was a nationally known physician who pioneered the procedures at issue. The other expert was an Atlanta doctor who also performed the same procedures. The client also testified at great length regarding his process and prowess in handling those cases. Together, the three witnesses exposed the Medical Board’s expert as lacking in experience and expertise in the procedures at issue. In a forty page opinion, the judge ruled that the surgeon had NOT violated the Medical Practices Act and should NOT be sanctioned in any way. The Final Decision by the Board accepted the judge’s Initial Decision.

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