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Drug Crimes

Summaries of charges, defenses, and outcomes for clients prosecuted in counties throughout Georgia and the Southeast.

Charges Dismissed After Warrant Issued

State of Georgia v. John Doe (2019)

Defense Counsel:

Charges: Possession With Intent To Distribute Ecstasy; Possession Of Firearm; Possession Cocaine

Prosecution's Case:

The three co-defendants rode in the defendant’s car to a house and mailbox to retrieve two packages of illegal drugs, which had been mailed from Canada. The package had a name on it that matched the defendant’s first name and one of his co-defendant’s last name. It contained 1000s of tightly bundled ecstasy pills.

Defense and Outcome:

The defendant was an opioid user. The co-defendants had long standing dealings with drugs, extensive criminal histories, and numerous residences, which appeared to be involved in drug trafficking. Further digging revealed that the name on the package belonged to one of the male co-defendants’ cousins, who was also involved with drugs and guns. The co-defendants took advantage of the defendant's last minute decision to buy drugs from them on a break from his work. They used his work delivery car to pick up the drugs. He was just along for the ride. All charges felony charges were dismissed. He was given 12 months probation for being in possession of a drug related object.

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