Peters and Rubin Obtain Dismissal of Shaken Baby Syndrome Charges

State v. John Doe (2012) Charges: Aggravated Battery, Cruelty to Children, Shaken Baby Syndrome State’s Case: The alleged victim, a 9 month old baby boy, was alleged by the State to have received abusive head trauma from shaking by Defendant. The Defendant and his wife stated that their son had accidentally fallen from their bed onto the floor on 2 occasions; however, they both maintained that they had not shaken their son, nor had they intentionally harmed him in anyway. Defense Counsel: Doug Peters and Bob Rubin Results: Following defense investigation of facts, preparation of case for trial, counsel for Defendant provided reports from medical experts to the State which supported the innocence of the Defendant. After reviewing the labor and delivery records and the pediatrician records of the child, in conjunction with the EMS records and the child’s hospitalization records following the date of the alleged offense, a pediatric neuroradiologist, a pediatric neurologist, an ophthalmologist, and a biomedical engineer expressed opinions that the child was not shaken. The arrest warrants were dismissed by the District Attorney.