Jason Sheffield Comments on Jury Selection in Trump Election trial

Atlanta defense attorney Jason Sheffield adds color to recent news story about the jury selection process for the first Trump election trial.

Lawyers in the case will be trying to winnow out those prospective jurors who have a prejudice or bias against one side or the other, Decatur lawyer Jason Sheffield said.

“It’s going to be very challenging to get to the root of the reason why a juror must be excluded,” he said. “The trial lawyers representing the persons accused are very skilled at trying to get to the heart of what would disqualify a juror in their mind. They need time to do that.”

Under Georgia law, a jury has to be seated – and sworn into service – by the end of the speedy trial deadline. In Fulton County, that’s two terms of court, each of which are about two months long. That means the deadline is Nov. 5.

If the jury is not sworn in by then, Chesebro will be deemed to have been denied his right to a speedy trial and the charges against him must be dropped. The Fulton County criminal cases against him will be dismissed, although the state could appeal such a ruling.

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