Doug Peters’ “Defense of the Child Molestation Case in Georgia” Seminar Sets 2018 Attendance Record

Doug Peters teaches child molestation criminal defense seminar

At his recent seminar in Atlanta, over 200 Georgia lawyers received an updated copy of Doug Peters’ 2018 book, “The Defense of the Child Molestation Case in Georgia”. Peters’ seminar, co-hosted by the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, was held at Georgia State University College of Law. The first of its kind, the seminar featured a two day format recreating the actual jury trial of the “State of Georgia v. Avis Stone”, a trial in which Peters recently successfully defended a client indicted for multiple counts of Aggravated Child Molestation. Peters said:

“We took the actual trial transcript, changed the names and locations to protect the privacy of those in the trial, and then did dramatic recreations of the pivotal points of the trial at the seminar. It provided the seminar attendees with the experience of actually participating as co-counsel and witnessing all aspects of the trial…from jury selection and opening statements, to cross examination of the state’s witnesses, to presentation of expert witnesses for the defense, and closing arguments. The enthusiastic and positive response from the lawyers in attendance was overwhelming.”