Our Philosophy

Advocacy and Experience

At Peters, Rubin & Sheffield, we bring to the representation of our clients a combined 60 years of experience as former prosecutors, judges, or public defenders. We approach each case as proven trial and appellate lawyers, with a thorough knowledge of the law, compassion for our client, and superior advocacy in the courtroom.

Proven Results

The lawyers of Peters, Rubin & Sheffield have a proven record affirmed by the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Trend Magazine, practicing attorneys, and sitting judges throughout Georgia.

Commitment to Our Clients

Each client can expect thorough investigation, analysis by the most reputable and highly-acclaimed experts, and passionate persuasion in the courtroom. Our clients have included teenagers, senior citizens, law enforcement officers, corporate executives, attorneys, doctors, politicians and judges. While each case is different, our commitment remains the same: to protect each client’s guaranteed constitutional rights.